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Transfer money on the iPhone / iPad - MoMo for iOS 9.1.16

MoMo for iOS, iOS MoMo's financial applications, enabling quick transfer of money received through the mobile phone. At the same time, also supports payment of electricity bills, water bills, pay for internet, cable TV, buy airline tickets, buy movie tickets, game card recharge, recharge the phone ...

15,7 MB Download

Search Hotels Vietnam - Hotels Vietnam for iOS 1.0

Hotels Vietnam for iOS, the first time to travel to Vietnam or just find a place in tonight? Hotel Vietnam is the solution for you. When using our app you will find a hotel, resort or any of the most suitable type of accommodation based on your preferences.

2,6 MB Download

Application site navigation - EZLife for iOS 1.3

EZLife for iOS, EZLife is an application that allows users to search for information about the pictures, addresses, phone numbers, products and location of the stores around the user. Positioning help users find their way to the store on the map, as well as support functions for the user AR find direction.

7,5 MB Download

Look location of ATMs - iATM for iOS 1.0

iATM for iOS, iATM is a mobile app on iOS, is designed with a user-friendly interface, easy to use, the goal is to find the location of the ATM, so the group has made great efforts in creating tools, simple functions that are most effective for users.

1,8 MB Download