Angry Birds - Angry Birds Friends

Angry Birds Friends, The existence of Angry Birds being threatened by greedy pigs that stole their eggs. Please use the unique capabilities of each bird to destroy the enemy's defenses.

attractive puzzle game - Tetris Battle

Battle Tetris, Tetris Battle is one of the most popular games on Facebook. Join the millions of other players in the game world famous Tetris or practice your skills in the game modes like Marathon and Sprint.

Build your own empire - Social Wars

Social Wars, Social Wars game is one of the most exciting action on Facebook. When starting the game, the players will play a role managing a small area on the map, and set requirements that need to expand and develop their empire.

World Fashion - Mall World

Mall World, Welcome to MallWorld, an attractive fashion game. In the game, the only purpose for your money is to buy clothes for themselves, or improve shop clothes to earn more money.

Manage your own store - My Shops

My Shops, you would love to play the game manager? My Shops is the perfect choice for you. Let's build and design their own shop, play with drawings and trying to become the manager most successful store on Facebook.

Write Ajax

Write Ajax, AjaxWrite (text editor) as claims on the company's website, ajaxWrite simply load over a period less than 6 seconds (sometimes takes 3 seconds you start drafting page online edition) ...

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