Can pregnant mothers eat Wasabi?

Video Can pregnant mothers eat Wasabi?

Can pregnant mothers eat wasabi?

Mustard or wasabi, is an indispensable side dish when eating raw seafood, sushi, sashimi. The question arises: can the spicy effect, can pregnant mothers eat wasabi?

Mustard, or Wasabi, is an indispensable side dish when eating raw seafood, sushi, sashimi .... Mustard has a slightly stuffy effect when eating. The question arises: is this burning and spicy effect harmful to pregnant mothers?

Let's learn whether mustard is good or bad for the health of pregnant mothers?


Can pregnant mothers eat Wasabi?

Green mustard - or the green sauce we are known to call wasabi, made from the leaves of the cruciferous plant from Japan . Plants live in valleys, along hot springs, and in temperate climates. Mustard is good for health, many of the plant's ingredients such as mustard seeds, leaves, stems, and even mustard oil can make medicine.

Great effect of mustard or wasabi

Mustard is an ingredient in many medicinal remedies. The plant's ingredients such as seeds, leaves, stalks, and mustard oil all have medicinal properties that boost the immune system and stimulate digestion.

Mustard contains magnesium and selenium for anti-inflammatory, cold and has the ability to warm the body, fight colds and flu in cold, wet weather.

For people with respiratory diseases, mustard also helps relieve chest tightness, asthma or runny nose when sick with the flu.

Can pregnant mothers eat Wasabi?

The scientific document also shows that mustard contains carotenes, zeaxanthins and lutein, vitamins A, C, and K, which help to fight oxidation, slow down the aging process. In addition, mustard also has anti-arthritic and rheumatic properties.

On the digestive side, mustard fights stomach cancer, stimulates digestion and relieves constipation!

Eating mustard can also lower cholesterol and release mucus to help the digestive system better.

So, can pregnant mothers eat wasabi?

Can pregnant mothers eat Wasabi?

Many people are addicted to this sauce but worry, will the stinging effect of mustard on the fetus affect the fetus inside?

The answer is that pregnant mothers can eat mustard during pregnancy but with certain doses. Do not overeat or use mustard as a food for cravings! The more you should not be addicted to this dish, although the pregnant mother may not be able to control the excitement when mustard numbs her tongue and stuffs her nose!

However, eating mustard with raw fish or seafood is something pregnant moms should avoid! Fresh, raw food may not ensure food hygiene and cause diarrhea for pregnant women

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