Learn immediately experience pumping sperm to increase the rate of pregnancy

Today, WebTech360 will suggest an experience to pump sperm for men. For what? To preserve family happiness.

For lucky couples to naturally have children, that's great. But what if not? Of course, it can't be left alone. There is quadruple disease. Fortunately, thanks to science and technology, sperm can now be pumped straight into the uterus to increase the pregnancy rate.

As a result, families can increase their chances of having children!

Join us to learn more about sperm pump procedures and precautions.

How to understand sperm pump and who is this procedure for?

Learn immediately experience pumping sperm to increase the rate of pregnancy


Methods to increase conception rates in women

Intrauterine injection is also known as Intrauterine insemination (IUI). This is a quality sperm purification method . These sperm are then pumped into the uterus through a tube. This method helps the sperm to be placed in the closest position. Overcome obstacles in the vaginal environment. Therefore, the rate of successful conception is also higher.

Naturally, if the natural method could conceive, it wouldn't be necessary. Often those who seek to pump sperm into the uterus are infertile couples and want to have children.

Men with ejaculation problems. Poor quality sperm. Poor motility or malformed sperm.

- Women have uterine problems. The acidic environment of the vagina is detrimental to the sperm.

- Gay subjects who want to have children

- People who want to be single mothers

- Women with a blocked oviduct leading to infertility

Women with pelvic infections. Severe endometriosis.

According to people who have experience with sperm pump, this method cannot be applied to women over 44 years old. Men with poor sperm quality or lack of spermatogenesis over 40%.

The sperm pump process

Learn immediately experience pumping sperm to increase the rate of pregnancy


Sperm is obtained from a husband or lover

According to experience with sperm pump, before performing this method, the subjects must perform clinical examination to check the health. Women check the uterus of the ovaries. Men check sperm quality. Thereby, the doctor will determine the cause of infertility as well as have the best methods for the patient.

- Ovarian stimulation: This is the step to prepare the ovaries for fertilization. The woman will be monitored by a doctor. Then injected with the egg stimulant to create the ovule as desired. Usually, your doctor will prepare 3-4 follicles for this procedure.

Sperm preparation: The sperm collection in men is done in the hospital or at home. Number of sperm after taking must be brought to the hospital in the shortest time (within 30-45 minutes). If past this time, the quality of the sperm will not be guaranteed. These sperm continue to go through the filtration stage to get the strongest, most mobile sperm. The quality sperm is then condensed under a very small volume.

Pump sperm into the uterus: Your doctor will use a catheter into the vagina to reach the woman's uterus. The sperm will be pumped in through this tube.

- Prescribing medicine and making an appointment for re-examination. After the sperm pump, the woman usually has some symptoms such as abdominal distension, vomiting or little urination.

Experience sperm pump for couples who are expecting a baby

Learn immediately experience pumping sperm to increase the rate of pregnancy


See your doctor if it doesn't work

Usually, those who resort to this method are those who have difficulty getting pregnant. So, keep the following experiences in mind to increase your chances of success:

- After pumping sperm, the woman should not exercise vigorously immediately. Take a break in place for 20-30 minutes. After that, walk gently. Add more water, juices and foods rich in zinc, iron, and folic acid. Supplement vitamins from fresh fruits.

- Keep calm. Relax, avoid self-pressure.

- When the sperm pump is done, it takes 48 hours to swim.

- If you have any unusual symptoms, you must report to your doctor immediately for instructions on handling. Follow-up appointment by appointment to be checked by doctor.

- After 2 weeks since the sperm pump, use a pregnancy test or blood test to confirm pregnancy or not. If you do not get pregnant, you must have sperm pump again. However, this process is not done right away, but has to wait after 3 menstrual cycles. If you don't succeed the first time, don't be discouraged. In case the 3rd try is still unsuccessful, it is required to use other methods of fertilization.

How much does sperm pump cost?

Learn immediately experience pumping sperm to increase the rate of pregnancy


The cost of a sperm pump is not too expensive

This sperm pump depends on the body and the condition of each person. There are one-time ones, the cost is quite soft. But there are people who do not work again and again. Not to mention, there are food, fortification, milk and other substances to help mothers stay healthy. In general, a current process, if only counting sperm pump and inject a little, it is about 7 million VND.

Is sperm pump effective?

With that said, effective sperm pump doesn't depend on quite a few factors. In which, age is not a small part. According to a British study, the rate of successful sperm pump spermatogenesis corresponding to the age of women is as follows:

- Under 35 years old: 16%

- From 35 - 39: 11%

- From 40 - 42: 5%

- Age from 43 - 44: 1%

- If over 44: 0%

That means that the effective sperm pump doesn't depend on the age pretty much. The older the woman, the lower the success rate. For mothers who are over 44 years old, this method cannot be applied. In addition, the sperm pump efficiency no longer depends on the sperm quality of the husband and the wife's eggs. For those with natural ovulation, the success rate is 6%. As for those who are stimulated eggs, this rate increases a lot, about 26%. Therefore, combine the above conditions to get the best results when you pump sperm.

Experience where sperm pump is effective?

According to the experience of doctors, some major hospitals such as Vietnam-France, Central Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Vietnam-Japan Hospital, Vinmec or Medlatec all provide this service. Prices vary, of course.

Depending on your financial situation, you should choose a suitable hospital. If you have acquaintances or insurance in any hospital, you should choose that hospital for the most preferential price. During the journey, you should choose a taxi or have a shuttle to not arise unintended situations.


Learn immediately experience pumping sperm to increase the rate of pregnancy


After pumping sperm, avoid vigorous exercise

Among the various methods of fertilization, this is the direct and highly effective method. But women in their late forties should not try. Avoid wasting money and futile hope. Wish couples soon have children.

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