How to register, create a class and add students in Google Classroom

At a time when the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the Conora virus is complicated, online classes are becoming extremely useful. Google Classroom by Google is a service of free online classes to connect teachers and students when not in school.

Google Classroom online classroom fully supports basic features such as student management, document sharing, exam submission, exam returning, etc. Google Classroom has a simple, easy-to-use interface for both students and teachers. Let's learn about online classroom Google Classroom. 

Not only is it simple to operate like a normal chat group like on Viber , Telegram or Zalo, but Google Classroom will meet all the practical needs of a classroom that combines daily real classes and online classes. You can even share Google Drive documents with students and classmates very easily.

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Through the Google Classroom app, teachers will be more proactive in transferring knowledge to students without being limited by class time and students can be more active in learning as well as consult. of teachers. Certainly, the classroom created by Google Classroom will create a positive, modern learning environment and save time for everyone. Below we will show you how to use Google Classroom in the most basic way.

How to sign up for a Google Classroom account

To use the Google Classroom service you can use your Google account or education email account format .

If you don't have a Gmail or Google account, you can see how to create a Google account .

How to create a class on Google Classroom

Step 1:

Access to address:

Then click the plus sign (upper right corner) and select Create Class .

Create class

Step 2:

Shortly thereafter the Notice of Classroom Use at school with student? Check the box I have read and understand the message above and I do not currently use Classroom at school with students. Then select Continue.

Enter the teacher's email address

Note: If you do not use your email to log into Google Classroom you will receive this notification.

Step 3:

We will begin to enter information about the class we are creating, including: the class name and the description of your class. Then click Create .

Interface to add classes on Google Classroom

Immediately the class has been created with a notice of classroom features, you should read carefully to better understand the features that can be implemented in the classroom and click Understand to come to the class you have created.

New features in the classroom
New features in the classroom

The main class interface
The main class interface

How to add students to the classroom on Google Classroom

In the main interface of the class created above, select Go to People on the menu. This page is divided into 2 sections Teacher and Student. As the class has just been created, there will be no students, you can start adding students to your class in the following two ways.

Option 1: Invite students to class by email

Step 1:

Click on the icon of the person with the plus sign.

In the Invite students interface , enter his or her email address in the Name or email address field and click Invite to send the invitation.

Invite students to class by class code

Note: you enter the student name then the suggestion will appear for you to choose, because the account we use in Google Classroom is also your Gmail account or Google account.

Step 2:

Students with the email address entered above receive a direct link to your class. After clicking the invite link and agree that person will officially be a member of the class you created.

Invite students to class by email

Option 2: Invite students to class by class code

If you don't know the exact email address of each person you want to send into the classroom, send your class code, copy the code below and send it via chat apps like Facebook Messenger , Zalo, Whats App , etc.

Step 2:

The person you invited will visit , then click the plus sign in the upper right corner -> Join the class .

Step 3:

Then the Join Class window appears, enter the code received via the message and click Join.

Join the class

Above we have shown you how to create a class and invite students to the classroom on the Google Classroom app. In addition to working on the web, you can also use Google Classroom on iPhone and Android to join classes and manage your class very quickly and easily.