Game tips Gold rush to achieve high scores

Gold miner is a classic game that is loved by many people, participating in the game you will transform into an old man who will exploit gold. Your main task is to use the hook to pull objects such as diamonds, gold, stones, gift bags, explosives ... for each target will be the corresponding amount.

Although the gameplay is quite simple, but achieving a high score is not simple at all, requiring players to play a lot to understand the rules, how to choose the drop point of the hook, choose to buy support items. so that reasonable, as well as manipulation must be quick and accurate as well.

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So today, will give you good tips on playing Gold Miner game to quickly overcome a lot of ải, get the highest score. Invite you to follow the article below:

Game tips Gold rush to achieve high scores

Choose the right direction:

Try to choose the right direction gold mine to pull the bigger gold, the bigger the gold, the more the score. Avoid dragging the stone because the stone is heavy but has few points.

Gold mining game interface

Know the diamond appearance cycle:

If you pay close attention to you will see the game Gold Miner gold and diamond appearance cycle. For every 1 door without diamonds, the next 2 doors certainly have diamonds, so it's important to remember which door has a diamond, which door is not very important. When you know the rules that appear, the door has a diamond, buy diamond polishing items to improve your score.

Choose reasonable support items: 

Choosing to buy items that support the right drag process will help you increase your strength, earn more money, and pass the door more easily. The support items in the game Gold Miner (note is only effective in one door offline):

  • Energy tonic: Helps to pull objects faster, but is a bit expensive.
  • Diamond polish: G help score unexpectedly.
  • Explosives: Help destroy unnecessary items, too heavy and take a lot of time.
  • Blue flower: It works to create surprise gifts when you pull a question-shaped item such as creating a high score, creating energy tonic ...
  • Square stone: T antenna 3 times the score of the stone that you pull up.

Buy items to support the game Gold Rush

Stay calm:

Psychology is also an important factor, when you see your score is low or away from the goal, do not be impatient, keep calmly aiming at the right target, the more worried you will be, the easier it will be to lose. there.

Take advantage of bags with question marks:

In the course of gold mining, sometimes you will encounter question marks. Now pull these bags right away, if you're lucky you will have "strength" then take advantage of pulling lots of gold and diamonds offline.

Make use of bags with question marks when playing the game Dao Vang

Explosive reserve:

Remember to store at least 3 explosives, because if you have rings you will need to use at least 2 explosives. In addition, they also help you rescue when pulling the wrong stone or big gold at the end of time.

In addition, to achieve a high score in the game Gold Dig you need to note a few tips as follows:

  • When encountering diamonds that are difficult to pull, blocked by rocks or pigs blocking the way, turn to valuable gold pieces that are easier to pull.
  • When the diamond door is piggybacked and the other pigs, stones get in the way, drop the hook before the animal comes.

Screen with pigs tha diamond in gold digging

  • If there is less time, you should fish in easy positions and take a little time. Even if it's just small lumps of gold, it's probably better to eat than "greed" and then lose.
  • Do not underestimate the $ $ bag, sometimes it contains 800 gold or strength to help you increase traction much faster.
  • When the mouse releases the diamond from the screen, it can shoot in that corner after 3 seconds. The ability to collect both mice and diamonds is very high.

Video tutorial breaking game Gold Miner record

Hopefully, with the above tips you will apply to your game effectively, quickly get a high score in this classic Gold Digging game!

Wish you have fun playing the game!