How to play Cyber ​​Hunter on GameLoop

Cyber ​​Hunter is a new type of survival shooter game on mobile operating systems (iOS and Android). However, if you want, you can also download Cyber ​​Hunter, install and play Cyber ​​Hunter on your computer using some popular Android emulation software such as Nox Player , BlueStacks or Genymotion ...

Cyber ​​Hunter for Android Cyber ​​Hunter for iOS

Another great option for us to play Cyber ​​Hunter in particular and other mobile games in general on the computer, is to use Gameloop - a computer simulator that supports extremely good gaming even with computers low configuration.

How to download and install Cyber ​​Hunter on the GameLoop emulator


Step 1: You launch the GameLoop emulator on your computer, in the main interface (or select Game Center - Game Center ), find and left-click on the Cyber ​​Hunter game icon .

The main interface of Gameloop
The main interface of Gameloop

Step 2: Left click the Install button .

Click on Install
Click on Install

Step 3: Now you will see the status bar changes, showing the percentage of game downloads. 

Download Cyber ​​Hunter on Gameloop
Download Cyber ​​Hunter on Gameloop

You can also stay on the interface to wait for the download to complete or select My Games - My game , so that when the game is complete, you will always choose to go to Play to play Cyber ​​Hunter on the Gameloop simulator .

Download Cyber ​​Hunter shooter on Gameloop
Download Cyber ​​Hunter shooter on Gameloop

How to play Cyber ​​Hunter on the GameLoop emulator

Step 1: After the game has finished loading, left click on Play to start playing Cyber ​​Hunter.

Click Play to play
Click Play to play

Step 2: The main interface of the game appears, click on Start to start playing.

Click the Start button
Click the Start button

Step 3: The steps and manipulations of playing Cyber ​​Hunter on Gameloop are quite easy and completely the same as on the phone. In particular, this emulator has set up a virtual key system so that players can play immediately without installation. 

Choose a character to play Cyber ​​Hunter
Choose a character to play Cyber ​​Hunter

You will go through the same steps as when playing Cyber ​​Hunter on the phone .

Name the character

The keys play Cyber ​​Hunter on the computer

You can also see the operation buttons when playing Cyber ​​Hunter quite similar when playing PUBG Mobile on Tencent Gaming Buddy (TGB), for example:

  • Tab key: Open the inventory.
  • C: Sit down.
  • Z: Jump off the plane.
  • Z: Lie down.
  • R: Replace bullets.
  • E key: Turn on the shield.
  • Space Bar: Jump, climb.
  • Left mouse: Shoot.
  • Right mouse: Turn on sight.
  • Arrow keys cluster: Move.
  • Shift: Flipping the circle (dodge).
  • Number keys 1,2: Change weapons.
  • Key 3: Use grenades.
  • Key 4: Use emergency (heal).