Summary of PUBG Mobile errors and how to fix them

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PUBG Mobile is one of the best survival games available today. However, many PUBG Mobile players also complain that they encounter some bugs and problems when playing this survival shooter.

PUBG Mobile PUBG Mobile for Android PUBG Mobile for iOS

The following article will summarize some common errors of PUBG Mobile and how to fix it for your reference if unfortunately also falls into this case.


1. Other bug fixes Version PUBG Mobile

Error message differs from PUBG Mobile version
Error message differs from PUBG Mobile version

Step 1: Access the device memory, then delete the Tencent folder (if any). Then go to Settings, select Apps , navigate to PUBG Mobile game . Select Data - Clear all data - Clear cache.

Delete dataDelete all dataPUBG Mobile

Step 2: Finally, reopen PUBG Mobile and log back into the account to see the icon downloading the update. After the update is complete, the version other than PUBG Mobile will be fixed.

2. Fix PUBG Mobile playing with gray screen

Step 1: Open the game PUBG Mobile, click Repair.


Step 2: After showing the " Client repaired " table . Please restart the game, " click OK to restart the game and proceed to repair PUBG Mobile.

Reboot PUBG Mobile

Step 3: Immediately the system will delete some components in PUBG Mobile, then proceed to reload immediately, downloading this PUBG Mobile is just a patch, not the whole, so you do not need to worry.

Step 4: When the update message is complete, click OK to proceed to restart PUBG Mobile again.

Step 5: Go back to the normal game is done.

3. Fix screen hanging error when playing on the emulator

Step 1: Delete, then proceed to reinstall PUBG Mobile.

Step 2: Turn off all running programs if not in use.

Step 3: Run the Admin privileges for the emulator to play PUBG Mobile.

Step 4: Go to My Library> PUBG Mobile> Right select Properies> Local Files to check files PUBG Mobile.

4. The game screen crashes after the PUBG icon appears

Symptoms :

Players download and install the game as usual, but when opening the game to play, they can only run the short trailer, after the game's icon appears, it cannot load anymore and stop completely.

Error playing survival game

Cause of error:

Believed to be a lack of memory and often happens to PUBG Mobile players using computers .

To resolve this error , do the following:

  • Delete the game installation you are using, then download and install the latest PUBG
  • If not necessary, turn off all unnecessary computer programs and leave only PUBG games
  • If you are playing PUBG Mobile using the Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator , run it as an admin
  • If you download PUBG Mobile game from Steam, you can check if the file is intact or has any errors, by:
  • Log into your Steam account , select Library
  • Find the game you're playing, right-click it and select Properties
  • Select Local Files and check the integrity of the file

5. Can't open Pubg Mobile game

Can't play PUBG game

Symptoms :

After installation, the game icon appears, but when you click to run, the application will not run.


It could be that the user did not install the game in the right place or there was an error during the installation.

How to fix:

Run the game with the * .exe file in the computer with admin rights.


  • You find the following path: C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ PUBG \ TslGame \ Binaries \ Win64 of TsLGame.exe and then run it with administrator privileges.
  • If you have used this method and the game still has errors, please check the name of the folder where you are saving the file (make sure it does not contain strange characters or Vietnamese).
  • Check and update the drivers (drivers) involved
  • Install or reinstall Visual C ++

6. Locked nick and notification of cheating while playing Pubg

Locked nick PUBG


You have never cheat or used any cheating while playing PUBG but you get such a notice and the game account is locked "instantly".


The account is suspected of using other fraudulent software tools

How to fix:

  • Contact the company through the PUBG game support service
  • Check the software you are using, running with it while playing the game (the programs can, have the ability to change the game; the monitoring program, get information from the game ...)

7. "Incomplete Installation" errors on Steam

Steam for Mac Steam for Linux

It can be said that this is one of the most common and common errors. Symptom is the error message "Incomplete Installation (error code)". However, this error only occurs when users play PUBG games on Steam.

Cause :

Most of it is due to the Internet connection or some other problem causing the installation problem to fail or even with the game icon displayed, but actually the installation process has not been completed. Some common error codes for this case are "codes # 3, # 6, # 20 and # 35.


  • Incomplete Installation (2) : Keeping the game installation location by default will solve this problem
  • Incomplete Installation (3) : Lost connection to the Internet, recheck signals, transmissions and transceivers
  • Incomplete Installation (10) : All servers are busy, try again later
  • Incomplete Installation (16) : The connection timeout was too long and an error occurred
  • Incomplete Installation (20) : Check the configuration of the game installation computer
  • Incomplete Installation (53) : Turn off anti-virus software, firewalls, VPNs ... software that can affect or treat games as viruses
  • Incomplete Installation (55) : Usually happens to computers that install and use Avast , this software automatically recognizes and treats Steam files as viruses. The only way is you have to remove Avast or disable this program when playing games.
  • Or find the path "C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ bin \ Steamservice.exe / Install" and run the game with admin rights (if you install the game in another location, you can find the exact location) to launch this installation file).

8. Steam is running - Steam is already running

Symptoms :

When you try to launch this application on your computer, you will receive the message " Steam is already running ". This is also the error that occurs with users playing games on Steam.

Cause :

Users downloaded Steam incorrectly, the installation process only runs in the background.


  • Navigate to the location where Steam is installed on the computer (usually C: \ Program Files \ Steam)
  • Right-click Steam.exe , select Properties
  • Select Compatibility , remove all ticks, then Apply
  • Select Show settings for all users / OK

9. Steam was unable to record audio for this broadcast


This is an error that does not record sound when recording a gaming screen.

Cause :

Probably because you tried activating a certain sound card


  • Go to the Windows icon / Control Panel
  • Select Change sound card settings
  • On the Playback tab , find your default output device (speaker or headphone) with a green check mark, right click on it and select Properties
  • Click on Enhancements , uncheck all sound effects in this box, and then OK
  • Restart Steam and see the result

In addition to the errors specified code name and name as above, there are a number of common ways we can fix other minor errors when playing on computers as well as mobile devices, such as:

  • Reboot, reinstall Steam
  • Update driver
  • Disable or remove software that can be browsed into the list of fraudulent software (VPN, IP, antivirus, firewall ...)
  • Increase RAM, check hard drive and free space
  • ...

10. Fixed a bug where the mouse could not be rotated when playing PUBG Mobile VNG

Failure to rotate the mouse is one of the bugs that are causing PUBG Mobile VNG players to be quite annoyed recently. 


  • Players can hover and change the viewing angle within a certain range, but when the mouse is rotated faster, or rotated 360 degrees, it is not possible. 
  • The bug only appears in the Vietnamese version of PUBG Mobile of VNG.
  • Error appeared when playing PUBG Mobile VNG on the Tencent simulator .


No specific cause has been given.


Uninstall PUBG Mobile VNG from Tencent emulator and reinstall.

The article cannot list all the errors that players are experiencing, but these are the main errors, most often seen when playing PUBG Mobile survival games as well as other games when playing directly on Steam.

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