OrangeHRM Open Source 3.2.1 - Human resource management software with diverse features

OrangeHRM Open Source, OrangeHRM Open Source is a free HR management system, providing a lot of modules to suit the needs of the business. The system is okay

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    • Version: 3.2.1
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    • Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8

OrangeHRM Open Source is a free HR management system, providing a lot of modules to suit the needs of businesses. This widely used system is feature-rich, intuitive, and provides an essential HR management platform with free documentation and a large community of users.

OrangeHRM Open Source 3.2.1 - Human resource management software with diverse features

The interface of human resource management software OrangeHRM Open Source

Modules are provided by OrangeHRM Open Source

System management:

The system administration module provides controls that focus on managing personnel or other employees to perform basic HR functions. The basic features of this module are:

  • Create and manage organizational structures, through the definition of company information including geographic location, asset management, and organizational hierarchy.
  • Organize worker job information by defining job titles. Ranking, employment status and identification of equal employment opportunities (EEO).
  • Manage professional qualifications (education, qualifications) for easy promotion and salary increase processing. Track employee ratings to determine the best person for the position to promote.

Personal information management (PIM):

This is a basic function of any HR department. It is a centralized employee database that provides users with the ability to easily store and efficiently use all aspects of employee information. This module includes the following features:

  • Reducing the possibility of data loss through personal information management of employees in a centralized storage area.
  • Use employee profiles to manage and update employee contact information.
  • Manage employee job information by defining ratings, salaries, and other information.
  • Define the report structure through the definitions of employee supervision.
  • Use PIM to keep track of work experience, education details, skills, and other standards.
  • View and find detailed employee information as needed.
  • Create custom employee reports.
  • Build a comprehensive employee database without the need for large financial investments in infrastructure design.

OrangeHRM Open Source 3.2.1 - Human resource management software with diverse features

Employee time off management:

This module provides a different look at the power of human resource management software OrangeHRM Open Source. Handling requests of employees applying for perfect leave and relaxation with the following features:

  • Identify the types of leave that are relevant to the business's organization.
  • Displays information about vacation enjoyed, leave time, balance, history and break time all in one screen.
  • Define holidays (staff summer vacation planner).
  • Allow employees to take leave online. The supervisor can approve or deny employee leave also online without complicated paperwork.
  • Automatic email to notify staff and supervisor about resignation.
  • More notably, OrangeHRM Open Source will streamline all the procedures related to leave, eliminating complicated paperwork, helping to save time and resources for businesses.

Time and date management:

Automate timekeeping related processes for employees. This feature-rich module will efficiently organize labor data, improve staffing management and help businesses reduce errors in workday policies. Main features include:

  • Take advantage of project information management requirements.
  • Create timesheets for employees to supervise work.
  • Define holidays (weekends and specific holidays).
  • Manage all employee timesheets.
  • Create timesheets weekly or monthly.
  • Generate pending or approved time reports.
  • Clear and concise tracking records for HR managers and managers.

Recruitment management:

The recruitment module provides HR professionals a comprehensive solution to the entire recruitment process. Effectively track the job application process until recruitment. Features include:

  • Candidate database.
  • Interview schedule.
  • Determine who will interview vacancies.
  • Tagging to screen applications.
  • Recruiting through social network Facebook.
  • Save history candidates, job applicants.
  • Candidates can post to an RSS Feed on the website of the business.


Simplifying the performance assessment processes to save you time and increase employee and employer satisfaction. Performance Module of OrangeHRM Open Source provides the following features:

  • Create performance evaluations using key performance indicators (KPIs) specific to each job title.
  • Allows supervisors and managers to evaluate the performance of their subordinates.
  • Allow employees to understand the employer's expectations.

Self-service staff:

This module provides employees the ability to update personal information in predefined security parameters without the help of human resources. Employers and employees both benefit from a better use of their time and budget. This module's feature allows employees to update personal information independently, depending on the user and security parameters.

With a free and open source code, the modules and features that OrageHRM Open Source provides are really useful and rich. It promises to help businesses and employees save a lot of time and money in human resource management and related issues. It also helps administrators to reduce the burden of paper, writing with detailed, clear and effective reports and tracking.

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