How to take super HOT historical photos with Pitu on your phone

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The fever of the image of Vo Tac Thien has been raging the internet before, now the young people are handing over the old photos with incredible speed. Also the photo editing application Pitu caused a fever, you quickly transformed into famous historical figures such as: Tieu Long Nu, Duong Qua, Tay Thi, Cao Cao, Lu Bu, Truong Phi, Luu Be, Dat Ky, Zhou Yu ...

If you love these historical characters, quickly download Pitu to install on your phone, then follow the instructions below to be able to own these extremely unique photos:

How to create photos in the style of Pitu

Step 1: After successfully installing Pitu on your phone, opening the application will require access to your photo library, click OK to allow. If you want to receive notifications from Pitu then click Allow.

Agree to access the photo galleryAllow Pitu to send notifications

Step 2: At the main interface, click Crazy ex-face to use the face transplant feature. Here, you can download the effects you want. Currently, there are quite a lot of attractive ancient effects on the Three Kingdoms characters for you to choose such as: Shangxiang, Xishi, Fanli, Yuhuab, Luoshen, Zhanhao ...

Click Crazy ex-faceDownload the effectChoose an effect

Step 3: Soon, the application will ask for permission to access location and camera on your phone. Click Allow to continue using.

Allow location accessAllow camera accessAgree to use the selected ancient effect

Step 4: When granted permission, the application will automatically appear with the camera asking to take a selfie or take a picture available in the library. Click the red circle icon to take a photo, then click on the red check mark icon will automatically receive effects for your photos.

Take photos of the ancient pageSave photoAncient photos

Alternatively, you can select photos available on the machine by clicking the image storage icon in the bottom left corner (next to the shutter button). Then select the most close-up portrait photos, then select the desired effect.

Photo libraryCreate an image of a pageCreate beautiful historical photos

Step 5: You can swipe left, right to select another effect, but before using, you must download the effect. When choosing a satisfactory effect, click the Download button in the top right corner, and then click Save to save the image to your device.

Create an image of a pageDownloadSave photo

Step 6: When the notice of successful saving appears, you can click on some of the following options:

  • Home: Return to the homepage.
  • Edit: Return to the editing interface.
  • Makeup: Return to the interface to select effects.

The Share to section in the bottom corner allows you to share photos via Facebook , Instagram , Twitter ... Depending on the purpose of each person, select the appropriate form of sharing.

Photo saved successfullyShare photo

Video tutorial to create super HOT historical photos using Pitu application

With just a few simple steps, you have quickly created beautiful vintage style photos to share with your friends and loved ones.

I wish you successful implementation!

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