Lipp for iOS 4.4 - Make lip sync and voiceover videos on iPhone / iPad

Lipp for iOS, Besides Dubsmash and, now iPhone and iPad users also have a new option to make lip sync videos or dub videos available.

    • Released: Bobler
    • Version: 4.4
    • Usage: Free
    • Size: 18,1 MB
    • View: 150
    • Downloads: 126
    • Day:
    • Requirements: iOS 7.0 or later

Besides Dubsmash and , now iPhone and iPad users can also add a new option to do lip-sync video or voiceover for the video available with Lipp for iOS.

Lipp for iOS 4.4 - Make lip sync and voiceover videos on iPhone / iPadLipp for iOS 4.4 - Make lip sync and voiceover videos on iPhone / iPad

Download application to make video lip syncing new version LiPP

  • LiPP 4 comes out with a brand new feature and is recommended by a lot of users - a social network link for lip-syncing and voice acting service.
  • From now on, you can upload your lip sync video right on this app to the LiPP community for everyone to enjoy.
  • You can watch the lip sync video of other users and press the Like or comment button.
  • Follow your favorite LiPP users so you don't miss any of their new products.
  • Each LiPP lip sync video will stay Live for 24 hours in LiPP TV. Then you can play it on your personal profile.
  • Provides a list of the top users of the day - who has the most viewed and liked LiPP videos.
  • 3D Touch support on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus: long press the LiPP icon on the Home screen to access the main menu of the application without opening the app in the traditional way.

Recently, the trend of making lip-syncing videos or dubbing videos for movies, music videos ... has become a trend that many young people are interested in. With Lipp, users can use movie introduction videos, music videos, celebrity interview videos ... to refresh it by dubbing, dubbing, lip syncing ... to create a new video. their own unique! This is not a trend affecting video copyright, but just a new entertainment for creative young people!

How to use Lipp

  • Select videos available in Lipp or use videos from your Photos library , no more than 15 seconds (great for sharing on Instagram ).
  • Cast your voice into video - be it voice, voiceover or any sound through your device's microphone.
  • Send lip sync videos to friends via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp Messenger . You can also post this short video on Facebook or Instagram.

Lipp for iOS 4.4 - Make lip sync and voiceover videos on iPhone / iPadLipp for iOS 4.4 - Make lip sync and voiceover videos on iPhone / iPad

Main features of Lipp

Discover Lipp user lip sync videos

  • The New list of videos the user has just uploaded.
  • Popular list includes popular and popular videos.
  • Topical categories such as TV shows, interview videos, music videos ... will help you find videos that match your interests and needs.

Voiceover or lip sync with your favorite video

  • Be the character you want while voicing the video.
  • Very fun lip sync with friends to see who refreshes the best video.

Share Lipp videos

  • Share private lip sync videos on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Of course you can also send it via Email or multimedia message as an attachment.
  • Share videos publicly on Facebook or Instagram. Videos are saved in the device's Photos folder, so they can be shared widely across many other services.

Compared to other lip syncing apps on the App Store, Lipp is an easier tool to use. Just touch and hold on the video recording icon, then voice or lip sync, after 15 seconds you will have a short, quality lip sync video and its own mark. Lipp's only downside is that it only allows making 15-second videos, so it limits the user's creativity, but this time is suitable for sharing via messaging services or Instagram.

Interface languages: English, French, Spanish. The application is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

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