PixAnimator for Windows 8 - Free photo video design

PixAnimator for Windows 8, PixAnimator for Windows 8 is a simple, powerful and completely free video design software from photos (photo slide shows) on Windows 8.

    • Release: Moonlight Apps
    • Usage: Free
    • Size: 1.3 MB
    • View: 829
    • Download: 800
    • Day:
    • Requirements: Windows 8 / 8.1

PixAnimator for Windows 8 is a simple, powerful and completely free video design software from photos (photo slide shows) on Windows 8.

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PixAnimator is a prominent product of Moonlight Apps - a publisher of professional photo and video design applications like SuperPhoto Free ... In addition to photo sharing methods that have been processed and upgraded through photo editing programs, Windows 8 users also have a new option - turn individual photos into a fun, animated video with PixAnimator.

PixAnimator for Windows 8 - Free photo video design

First, gather photos by the same theme or album , such as photos at graduation ceremony, photos of birthdays, weddings, photos of growing up and growing up of a family member. family ... then place them in pre-made videos with unique effects for an animated photo video. In the end, you just need to share this photo video with friends and relatives for everyone to enjoy in a completely new way instead of looking at the pictures one by one. PixAnimator is also a simple and fun video maker for making wedding and birthday videos right on your Windows 8 PC!

You can use some of the free pre-made videos, or unlock more new video templates through the paid option in PixAnimator. Of course, PixAnimator requires a fast and stable Internet connection to be able to experience the smoothest application because it is an online photo video design program!

PixAnimator for Windows 8 - Free photo video design

Download PixAnimator - a tool to make photo slide shows for free

  • Allows using photos from your camera roll, photos from social networks Facebook or taken directly with the device's webcam.
  • Easily add captions or quotes on videos.
  • New video templates added every day.
  • Get creative with photo videos just the way you want.
  • Save and share videos with everyone with one click.

Featured video samples in PixAnimator:

Cinema, picture frames, flags, hearts, romantic sweet candies, television, heart-shaped box, rainbow, spring, sunshine, galaxy, soap bubbles ...

Update PixAnimator to the latest version

  • Allows to put multiple pictures or write captions in pre-made videos.
  • Create beautiful, unique photo videos and share them with everyone on social networks.
  • App interface and style upgrades.
  • Operability improvements.
  • Fix some other bugs.

PixAnimator for Windows 8 - Free photo video design

How to use PixAnimator on Windows 8

PixAnimator is a pre-made video photo design program that allows you to create basic animations through your built-in loop and photo gallery. This process will create beautiful collage slides, creating a higher entertainment effect than traditional photo sharing.

Even new users will not have any problems manipulating PixAnimator for the first time. All you need to do is visit the Microsoft app store on Windows 8, download PixAnimator for free to your computer and then manipulate directly on the application. PixAnimator has a compact capacity of only 1.3 MB, so it will be downloaded to the device in a snap, you do not need to set up anything else to be able to experience PixAnimator right on the device.

PixAnimator's main screen will ask the user to choose an animation to start with. This is a ready-made slide show layout for you to use in your photos. There are about 20 types of videos for free, or you can unlock hundreds of other video templates through the paid option.

After selecting a sample video, select a photo to include in the video. Photos are imported from the photo library on your PC, photos on your Facebook account or taken with a new webcam. After selecting an image, you can move it anywhere on the screen and resize it in the frame. You can also preview your product before deciding to save it.

Finally, share video photos via Facebook or save to the device memory. However, PixAnimator only supports saving videos in two popular formats, MP4 and 3GP.

PixAnimator for Windows 8 - Free photo video design

General review of PixAnimator

PixAnimator is an interesting photo video maker with beautiful animations. The minus point of this application lies in the free version when there are too few free templates for you to experience. However, let's wait patiently for new templates to be added daily.

Interface languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Arabic, German, Spanish, Japanese, French, Russian, Portuguese, Danish, Italian, Korean, Dutch, Polish Thailand, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Norway.

Video introduction PixAnimator application on Windows 8


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