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Readlang, Readlang is a foreign language learning web application that allows you to consult translations of articles available on the Readlang community, on websites as well as

Readlang is a foreign language learning web application that allows you to consult translations of articles available on the Readlang community, on websites as well as texts that you upload.

The best way to learn a foreign language is to immerse yourself in the language as much as you can, get in contact with the language every day and you will gradually notice how your proficiency has grown. Readlang is a web application that allows you to translate websites, paragraphs, and create new flashcards and word lists to learn from. With Readlang, your language level will increase significantly only after using Readlang regularly and regularly.

Readlang - Website for learning foreign languagesThe main interface is very simple and easy to use of Readlang

Readlang is a great tool to help you pass the beginner level into intermediate or more advanced. With more than 35,000 users and language choices in more than 40 languages , from popular languages ​​such as German, French to less common languages, Readlang is proving itself to be an English learning website. Trusted people to use worldwide.

Right after visiting , click Start Learning to start learning with Readlang. Choose the language you want to learn and create an account very quickly, you just need to provide your email address, your name. After clicking on the language you will use to learn and the language you want to learn, on the interface A toolbar will appear for you to choose from.

Readlang - Website for learning foreign languagesReadlang helps users keep track of their learning progress with the Activity Monitor tool located in the Home tab

The Home section provides you with instructions to experience Readlang's features. With the steps you have taken, Readlang will dash it out for you to know. Under the Home section , Readlang has a table that tracks your progress. This diagram will show your learning progress over time and will help you learn more scratchy language.

The Library section gives you a rich corpus of texts from different sources. You can choose Upload Text to download the articles you want or choose from the Library - the repository of documents that Readlang users upload or choose a website to translate in the Website section .

Readlang - Website for learning foreign languagesHuge document repository built by Readlang users

After you have selected a piece of text, the text will appear occupying the entire screen to help you focus on the text you are working on. Readlang will ask what language you want to annotate the meaning of a word or phrase in the text. You can choose common languages ​​such as English or choose your native language.

Now click on words or phrases that you don't know yet and Readlang will translate them into English or your own language. Readlang also has a ton of articles and videos shared by Readlang users that you can use for your research, along with filtering on word difficulty and length.

Readlang - Website for learning foreign languagesThe unlimited number of words you can click on makes Readlang a great word learning tool

When you click on the icon in the top right corner, will appear, providing you with the definition and example of the word you choose.

Readlang - Website for learning foreign languagesDictionary column is right to the right of the text to help you learn the meaning of words as well as the context in the text

Once completed, Readlang allows you to share your posts on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.
Now go back to the homepage by clicking on the R icon on the left. When you click on the Word List , the list of words you have just looked up will appear with the context in the sentence, the speaker icon for you to hear the pronunciation as well as the meaning translated into the language you have selected. Click on words and select mark, delete or more options in the Actions section right above the word list.

Readlang - Website for learning foreign languagesAfter escaping the text in the Readlang, the Word List entry will contain a new word list that you just clicked

For those learning a foreign language, flashcards are probably no stranger. These are the word cards that act as puzzle makers and your task is to answer the meaning of the word. Using flashcards will make learning words regular and simple, and the volume of words will also be larger. Readlang brings Flashcard feature with new word in the left box, a sentence containing that word at the top for you to guess the meaning of that word and finally, click on the question mark to check if you have memorized that word. not yet.

Readlang - Website for learning foreign languagesFlashcard learning is a very effective word learning method that is also used by Readlang

Readlang offers two options. If using for free, the number of words you can look up and the number of flashcards you can create per day is unlimited, only the number of phrases is limited to 10 per day. If you choose the Premium plan that costs $ 30 per year then you can experience all of Readlang's features completely unlimited.

In general, for those who are learning the language and cannot spend the time or money taking expensive courses, or simply the language is too rare and few learners, the main website Readlang is a great choice. After a while with Readlang, you will realize how much your language proficiency has increased significantly. No need to waste time following classes or even installing any software, just one click on will bring you a real multilingual world and another real language learning experience. special.

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