Spotflux - Secure web access

Spotflux, Spotflux is an easy-to-use application that promises you a secure Internet connection, a risk-free surfing experience and accessibility.

Spotflux is an easy-to-use app that promises you a secure Internet connection, a risk-free surfing experience, and fast access to blocked sites. It offers you a solution to keep your computer safe and protect your data at the same time.

Once activated, it will run real-time checks for adware and malware, then remove it, thereby protecting your computer from threats. online. Whether you are at home, at work or on the road and you are using your phone, tablet or desktop computer, Spotflux is the solution to enhance your Internet surfing experience safely. full.

SpotFlux is a software that allows users to safely and unblocked websites that are blocked in Vietnam. How SpotFlux works similar to Hotspot Shield but is superior with many advantages. Server is located in the US, when using you will access the internet with IP from the US. As such, it is a software that helps you easily overcome the network's barriers to access blocked websites as well as surf Facebook effectively when blocked in Vietnam. In addition, users will be safer when surfing the web to avoid the eyes of bad guys to steal information and collect data. SpotFlux also has a pop-up ad blocker that saves you more Internet bandwidth than other software.

All of this is done by creating an encrypted connection of the IP address and DNS so that people don't know who you are and where your current location is. Another advantage of using SpotFlux is that the program continues to scan traffic for malware and destroy them if found.

Spotflux - Secure web access

Main feature:

Spotflux removes anything that could pose a threat to your identity or your data. It uses cloud technology and doesn't slow down your computer.

Easy to install and use

Once you've installed Spotflux with just one click, you can rest assured that Spotflux will automatically remove any threats that have been affecting your computer system.

The connection is encrypted and secure

Whether you're at home, traveling, or accessing a public WiFi network, Spotflux encrypts and blocks your connection, thus ensuring your privacy while browsing.

Protection against viruses and malware

Spotflux continuously scans and protects your connection from hidden threats like spyware and viruses. So you can take control of your Internet connections.

Remove tracking cookies

You worry and fear that you are being watched, someone might steal your personal information and steal your identity. With Spotflux, you will feel more secure thanks to the ability to delete all tracking cookies.

Open and unrestricted access

While Spotflux is activated, access remains open and unrestricted. So you can save bandwidth and enjoy surfing the web as Spotflux will not limit or block access.

Browse privately and free from annoying ads

Experience safe and comfortable browsing without track and annoying ads. By saving bandwidth and hiding your IP address, your location remains private.

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