Mufin Player for Android

Mufin Player for Android, unlike other ordinary player, Mufin Player works on Android allows you to find the songs depending on your mood. But what makes it different in that: the song is displayed as an interactive sound map. Each circle

2,2 MB Download

MusicExplorer For Android

MusicExplorer For Android, MusicExplorer For Android is a simple music player. Can display a list of files in the SD card and play the selected song.

Nesoid Lite for Android

Nesoid Lite for Android, the app NESoid emulator Nintendo gaming devices for Android phones. Applications interpreter function ROM files are stored on the SD card of the Android phone ...

376,8 KB Download

He hung Lac Viet

He hung Lac Viet, Let your Android phone back ancient context, control the legendary character in Vietnam by Vietnam Lac Hero game.

4,9 MB Download

VPlayer for Androi

VPlayer for Androi, if you have one phone or Android tablet that every time you see one movie was downloaded from the network on to spend a lot of time to convert to MP4 format support and feel pretty annoying so now when VPlayer program has other things.

5,7 MB Download

Best Video Player Pro for Android

Best Video Player Pro for Android, Best Video Player Pro is the best video player application for Android, with lots of useful features, usability and attractive interface built-in video player.

6,2 MB Download

Nova Astro Player for Android

Nova Astro Player for Android, Astro Player Nova will meet all the requirements on your Android music player whether you're fastidious. With great features like: Advanced bookmarks, skins, auto-playlists, auto-resume, lyrics, flac, radio, podcasts .....

1,1 MB Download

yxplayer for Android

yxplayer for Android, yxplayer program is extremely pro cinema for the Android operating system, it supports formats hear MPEG1 / 2/4, DivX / Xvid, WMV.

2,1 MB Download

Lite for Android 1.9.1 AniWorld

AniWorld Lite for Android, AniWorld Lite is a great app for children aged 1-5. The application supports teaching children the names of different animals and knowledge of food and pet them.

FaceNiff for Android

FaceNiff for Android, FaceNiff a new Android application that allows users to easily access a Facebook account of another person, if he uses the same Wi-Fi network.

Jungle Jewels Free For Android

Jungle Jewels Free For Android, Jungle Jewels Free For Android is a highly entertaining game high. Your mission is to find and sort the diamonds vertically or horizontally to form groups of at least three diamonds of the same color.

262 KB Download

Antarctic Adventure Free For Android

Antarctic Adventure Free For Android, Free Antarctic Adventure is a very interesting game. You have the role of a small penguin, to visit the Antarctic research stations of different countries.

1,3 MB Download

Tic Tac Toe Free For Android

Tic Tac Toe Free For Android, TicTacToe is a simple game, your task is to go back to 3 children not blocked 2 head vertically, horizontally and diagonally is the winner.

1,6 MB Download

Traffic Jam Free For Android

Traffic Jam Free For Android, Free Traffic Jam is a fascinating game. The objective of the game is to get the yellow car out of the traffic jam spot. With sound simple, but many challenges at different levels.

1,8 MB Download

Go Sling! For Android

Go Sling! For Android, Go Sling! is a rubber shooter, your goal is to shoot the ducks, porcupines and other animals. They can hide behind various obstacles, such as rocks, trees, barrels, etc.

1,3 MB Download

Yoo Ninja Plus For Android

Yoo Ninja Plus For Android, Yoo Ninja Plus is an extremely attractive game with a fast pace. Your task is to control a character jumping up and down to avoid obstacles.

4,1 MB Download
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