PictureDial for BlackBerry

PictureDial for BlackBerry, usually while making a call them to contacts or Call screen and press the call button type name. It's the fastest way to call and easiest, but sometimes it will cause you to call boring. Picture Dial will help you avoid the boring chá

420 KB Download

Salesforce Mobile for BlackBerry

Salesforce Mobile for BlackBerry, this application will be very necessary for the business employees to manage customer lists, contact your partner. Can sort contacts by account, opportunity and location.

1,1 MB Download

VR +: Voice Recorder for BlackBerry

VR +: Voice Recorder for BlackBerry, one of the features that are rarely used by BlackBerry that was recorded, but not recording equipment dedicated but BlackBerry is the recording quality good with recording time unlimited .

523 KB Download

iSilo for BlackBerry

iSilo for BlackBerry, On the phone today there are many support programs create ebooks, however, their limitations is to have a separate application to create stories (on computer) and individual applications to read the story (on phone Voice).

364 KB Download

Business Card Reader for BlackBerry

Business Card Reader for BlackBerry, Import contact information from business cards directly into the contact list of Blackberry phones. Just take a picture of a certain business cards and a new contact is added to ...

1,3 MB Download

GridMagic Community Edition for BlackBerry

GridMagic Community Edition for BlackBerry, GridMagic Community Edition as spreadsheet software for Blackberry. It is designed with user-friendly navigation and simple. Therefore, this application is designed with care, attention to user experience ...

14,7 MB Download

Vlingo for BlackBerry

Vlingo for BlackBerry, Vlingo for BlackBerry allows users to speak with devices and other applications perform separate functions, including telephone, email or SMS, creating and saving a memo or task. ..

500 KB Download


Hourglass, This application will simulate an hourglass to help you. See every grain of sand flowing down when you rotate the phone my BlackBerry Storm ...

693 KB Download

Advanced Conference Call

Advanced Conference Call, Conference Call Advanced lets you create a conference call by telephone, the talks have been scheduled with 4 participants and sending notification messages to those who have been invited ...

Translator for BlackBerry NAVITA

Translator for BlackBerry NAVITA, NAVITA Translator for BlackBerry is a translator application for BlackBerry devices. Applications can translate more than 50 languages, including English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Russian ....

3,9 MB Download

Jingu for BlackBerry

Jingu for BlackBerry, Jingu is a software support users when using BBM lets make fun avatar and insert symbols, characters, images ... very beautiful during chat

3 Byte Download

DailyHoroscope for Blackberry

DailyHoroscope for Blackberry is an application DailyHoroscope horoscopes are updated daily on the BlackBerry. 12 zodiac so that users can access to follow-up with a friendly interface and intuitive use.

518 KB Download

DriveSafely for Blackberry

DriveSafely for Blackberry,, an application to receive SMS, email messages with better sound quality and especially ... on BlackBerry. This version not only inform the content of the audio message but also allows reply messages, email your voice.

1,1 MB Download

Nimbuzz for Blackberry

Nimbuzz for Blackberry, for the first time on a BlackBerry, you can chat with friends on Skype, Facebook and MySpace or send instant messages to them through other social networks

1,3 MB Download

Lock for BlackBerry Messenger

Lock for BlackBerry Messenger, BlackBerry Messenger for Lock allows you to create password protected to prevent the access of other people in your messaging system, while still allowing use of the Internet, games and applications in electricity normal voice.

229 KB Download

Memory Booster for BlackBerry

Memory Booster for BlackBerry, Memory Booster is a tool that helps you recover lost memory to make your application run faster. It also helps minimize load times and improved operational performance.

RAM Optimizer For BlackBerry

For BlackBerry RAM Optimizer, Ram Optimizer is an application that can automatically schedule and optimizes free memory to enhance performance for your Blackberry.

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