Seesmic Desktop 0.2 for Linux

Seesmic Desktop 0.2 for Linux, you are a citizen of the social network FaceBook or was "addicted" tweets even if you use both networks, the update of a friend always be necessary ...

1,6 MB Download

support free downloader - JDownloader for Linux

JDownloader for Linux, jDownloader is an open source application works on Java platform. With this program, the download from the online storage sites like Rapidshare or Megaupload becomes quite easy, even if you do not have a premium account ...

20,7 MB Download

Strata Kirix for Linux

Strata Kirix for Linux, there are very few tools that we should be surprised, and Strata of Kirix is ​​one of them. This is the first browser and the best, use it also brings interesting feeling when you open a Web page that contains tables full of numbers.

aMSN for Linux

aMSN for Linux, aMSN is an open source instant messaging popular. The program performs like MSN Messenger, which supports offline messaging, displaying photos, webcam, send emoticons, send and receive files ...


Kopete, Kopete chat program with the KDE platform supports AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, Jabber, IRC, Gadu Gadu-,

5,1 MB Download

Oweb Friends Current Time for Linux

Oweb Friend's Current Time for Linux, you have many friends, who come from different countries with different time zones? You want to call or chat with them now, and you want to know at this time what time the party?

Bubble Translate for Linux

Translate for Linux Bubble, Bubble Translate allows you to convert the text of web pages you view in any language you want. Bubble Translate use for translations online.

InvisibleHand for Linux

InvisibleHand for Linux, InvisibleHand help you save money when shopping online by comparing prices help you and automatically notify you cheap price, best deals on the web. All rates are examined and compared in real time.

123 Flash Chat for Linux

123 Flash Chat for Linux, 123FlashChat can add a chat room to websites like social networking services. This program can be easily integrated with CMS or forums: Joomla !, phpBB, vBulletin.

PopTray Minus for Linux

PopTray Minus for Linux, PopTray Minus lets you check email in the Inbox, besides it is very handy to manually delete button, eliminates the unwanted messages.

28,4 KB Download

qBittorrent for Linux

qBittorrent for Linux, on Windows platforms, uTorrent is a torrent downloader occupy a preponderance, unfortunately, this program does not support Linux. qBittorrent is an attempt to fill the void of uTorrent for Linux.

2,8 MB Download

Vuze for Linux

Vuze for Linux, previously known as Azureus, Vuze is the only program in this list is written in the Java language ...

2,8 MB Download

Deluge for Linux

Deluge for Linux, commonly used on Macs, Deluge is a cross-platform support torrent both Linux and Windows. The program interface is written in Python lightweight and C ++ looks similar uTorrent on Windows.

1,8 MB Download

Ktorrent for Linux

Ktorrent for Linux, was written for KDE interface, Ktorrent is the default torrent download Kubuntu and some distributions use other KDE.

2,7 MB Download

Chrome OS Linux

Chrome OS Linux, Chrome OS is a Linux operating system, built from "revolution" Google Chrome browser. The purpose of this project is to provide a compact version for Linux users get the best browsing experience.

610 MB Download

Ekiga for Linux

Ekiga for Linux, And other names are GnomeMeeting, Ekiga for you to make video calls with high quality audio, frame size and image quality equivalent to DVD. Besides, the program also supports the feature call hold, call forwarding g

17,4 MB Download

Video Backup Fusion for Linux

Video Backup Fusion for Linux, Video Backup Fusion for Linux supports looking clip in YouTube account of a member of any Linux machine and download the video file format.

13,5 MB Download
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