Anywr, Anywr is a tool to backup and manage data online, allowing you to manage and back up the information and data from your mobile phone straight from the web browser.

Rotate Me

Rotate Me, With this new application, you create a message using the Rotate Me rùi to convert into one code or vice versa. Then send it to your friends by phone and they decode them ...


Ringtonizer.com, can be said at present most phones support MP3 ringtone audio formats, thereby creating the conditions for you to select your favorite songs as ring tones for "mobile phone " mine.


TuneMaze, not always you also search the site lets you download music, you can even finance series, thousands of songs. If you own a cell phone, just an Internet connection, you absolutely can search and download ng row

Create avatars and wallpapers for mobile phones online - Reddodo.com

Reddodo.com - Create avatars and wallpapers for mobile phones online, usually when you need to create an avatar, or animated gif images in the form wallpapers for mobile phones you can use the imaging program gif and then splicing together multiple photographs. Capacity newly created file will be quite large and sometimes lú

website download ringtones, wallpapers, apps - Zedge.net

Zedge.net- website download ringtones, wallpapers, applications, downloads Zedge.net costume wallpapers, ringtones, applications ... leading US. Here Zedge not only acts as a supplier but also as middlemen for you to provide file-heartedly wallpaper, ringtone downloads to other persons.


Blackberrythemes.co, Blackberry.co been introduced to more than 450 free theme for Blackberry platform row (8100, 8220, 8350i, 9700 ...)


Blackberrythemes.net, To own a Blackberry elegance, you really want to change and redecorate for your phone with the theme, unique ...


Loveforht, Loveforht is a service that lets you send free SMS messages to mobile phones. As a registered user account, each day you are allowed to send 5 free messages. If you want to send more, you need to recharge your account.

fast web surfing on mobile - TidyRead

TidyRead - fast web surfing on mobile, TidyRead is web-based application used to display a simplified content of any web page, eliminating unnecessary components of the site, keeping only the main content as titles, text, images and video to make the process faster web surfing


ToneBee, plaited Whenever you always want to have the ringtone you really "hot", unusual for people to attract attention to others and to demonstrate the sophisticated.

Tools online task management - Trello

Trello, Trello is a very effective tool to manage work, particularly project management of many people. In addition to versions for mobile devices, today Trello have online versions. Trello is also seen as one of the applications that help manage the work efficiently and most simple.

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