Photo2text, If you want to convert an image file into a text effect, with the following online conversion service, you can completely convert funny photos.


Anymaking, with this website you can do: resize photos, crop photos, rotate photos, add borders, create shadows, change colors, turn new photos into images


vintageJS, No need for Photoshop or bulky photo editing software, vintageJS.com is an HTML5-built tool where you can overlay textual content.


Vixy, Vixy.net is also a website not only to download videos online but also to convert to AVI, MOV, MP4, 3GP formats and especially MP3 ...


EmbedPlus, In addition to the basic controls that YouTube provides available, EmbedPlus also adds some advanced functions such as: slow motion, image zoom,


Filehosting.org, Filehosting.org provides a simple and easy solution for you to send large files to your friends. Just upload these


Anywr, Anywr is an online data backup and management tool, allowing you to manage and back up information and data from your mobile phone right from your mobile phone.


DarkCopy, With a simple black interface, you just have to retype the necessary content and then click Save as file to save it in txt format. You want more generosity, you press


Converticious, In everyday work, each of us often encounters the conversion between units, especially for the students.


Pdfscisors, When reading PDF documents on your mobile device, you will have trouble constantly moving and zooming because of the screen size limitation. Here

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