Garena Total 5.9.1 - Garena game support tool

Garena Total, Garena Total support playing games on Garena with the ability to automatically connect the game room, automatically Tunnel all the players in the same room, customize

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    • Version: 5.9.1
    • Usage: Free
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    • Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1

Garena Total 5.9.1 supports users playing games on Garena with many useful features such as automatically connecting to the game room, automatic Tunnel for all players in the same room, customizing the shortcuts in Warcraft or support Quick chat with keyboard shortcuts helps gamers play games more conveniently.

Garena Total 5.9.1 - Garena game support tool
Download Garena Total - Support effective game play.

Since 11/2013, Garena Total officially transformed into a completely free version for users. So we don't need to worry about buying software or using cracks that contain lots of viruses. This is really good news about the people who use this tool.

The Garena Total tool has two important functions: Auto Join and Auto Tunnel, Auto Join has the ability to enter a room with equal or higher number of people. Auto Tunnel function has the ability to Ping all players in the room in less than 5 seconds. During the game on Garena, but experiencing lag, lag you can easily overcome using the Garena Total tool.

The main feature of the game support tool Ganera Total

Auto Join:

Automatically connect to a room quickly and easily in less than 5 seconds, you can choose to connect to one or more rooms:

  • To auto join 1 room: Double-click on the room to join.
  • To auto join multiple rooms: Point your mouse on the first room and press F7 , then point to the second room and press F7.
  • To stop auto join: Press Esc.

Garena Total 5.9.1 - Garena game support tool

Auto Tunnel:

Automatically tunnel all players in the room while you are playing game or doing other work. It can tunnel 225 players in less than 5 seconds:

  • To tunnel all players in the room: Press F6.
  • To tunnel all players in your host: Press Shift + F6.

Garena Total 5.9.1 - Garena game support tool

Warcraft Hotkey:

Warcraft Hotkey or Dota Hotkey help you customize the shortcuts in Warcraft into the shortcuts you want. Keyboard shortcuts can be single keys, keystrokes, middle mouse, scroll mouse, or mouse extension key. You can use Ctrl + F5 to enable or disable Warcraft Hotkey.

Garena Total 5.9.1 - Garena game support tool

Quick Chat:

Quick Chat helps you to send messages quickly using keyboard shortcuts. Quick Chat has 4 modes for you to choose from:

  • War3: Send messages in Warcraft to teammates.
  • War3 All: Send a message in Warcraft to everyone (equivalent to Shift + Enter ).
  • War3 Lobby: Send message in Warcraft lobby (before game start).
  • Garena: Send a message in Garena's chat window.

Garena Total 5.9.1 - Garena game support tool

Some other features:

  • Run other applications automatically : Run all preset programs automatically, so you can save a lot of time and effort.
  • Anti-hacking report: Garena Total has a mechanism to prevent Garena from checking for map hacking. From there you can rest assured to use the hack map without worrying about being detected.
  • Automatic Updates: This feature helps you always experience the latest features without wasting time going to the download homepage.
  • Multi-language: Support more than 20 languages.

In short, Garena Total is very useful software, helping to open up the connection with all gamers in the same room in just a few seconds. So, download Garena Total to experience the useful features that this software brings!

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