Su DoKu 2.0.0 - sudoku game design software

Su DoKu, Sudoku is a Japanese game with a fascination if those who have played this game, the mission of the game is extremely simple.

    • Released: Georgi Christov
    • Version: 2.0.0
    • Usage: Free
    • Size: 375 KB
    • View: 90,650
    • Downloads: 89,390
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    • Requirements: Windows Me / NT / 2000 / XP. Java

Sudoku is a Japanese game with a fascination if those who have played this game, the task of the game is extremely simple that you just have to fill all the star squares. For each row, column, row, vertical row, each small box must have enough numbers from 1 to 9.

It sounds simple, but when you enter the Sudoku world, you will feel its quintessence and difficulty. If so, why not try bringing this Sudoku world to your familiar PC with the help of a program called Desktop Sudoku.

Su DoKu 2.0.0 - sudoku game design software

Su Doku is a small Windows application specially designed to help users create and solve Sudoku puzzles. Java-based software design developer. Therefore, you need to make sure you have this environment installed on your computer if you want this tool to work.

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Simple layout

Su Doku arranges extremely scientific features. All allow the user to adjust each parameter easily. This tool puts all the features into the main control panel so that the user can switch them flexibly and quickly.

Create Sudoku game

Basically, Su Doku has a way of operating that is extremely easy to understand. The software provides a number-selection feature in Sudoku puzzles. Users just need to press the button " Generate Puzzle " to design random puzzles.

Moreover, the software also allows users to print existing Sudoku puzzles , delete the information displayed in the box with just one click, check the answers as well as pin the software on top of other tools.

Performance performance

Su Doku doesn't have a lot of configuration settings. The entire Sudoku game builder is like a child's game. The software performs the task quickly, does not consume a lot of system resources.

In short, with its ease of use and few but useful features, Su Doku is a software that Sudoku fans of puzzle game cannot miss. Download Su Doku, create your own quizzes and challenge your friends right away.

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