TagSpaces 1.8.0 - Tag-based file management utility

TagSpaces, TagSpaces is a free and open source application that helps users to manage the file system on their computer easily. With this software you can find

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    • Version: 1.8.0
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    • Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8

TagSpaces is a free and open source application that helps users manage the file system on their computer with ease. With this software, you can search files more quickly by tagging, making sorting and organizing simpler, and supporting features that allow file content preview.

When starting to use this software, users need to number an available directory and choose a title for the file group. After completing the above step, you can explore the directory contents easily. All files will be classified according to the format. With just one click, users can do a lot of operations: open documents, add tags for text, rename, delete files and be able to access the file directory.

TagSpaces 1.8.0 - Tag-based file management utility

When adding tags to documents, TagSpaces supports a creative way to mark up and rank documents using priority tags, completion tags, or a tag by due date. of project. With such arrangements, users can get an overview of their work, thereby planning the work to complete all the necessary work.

In addition, TagSpaces also provides a number of different views, suitable for many purposes: you can view documents in grid ( Grid ), list ( List ) or view in folders ( Folder ). Specifically, the first two views are quite suitable if you want to learn what data you want to use in the project, while the last one, viewing documents in a folder, gives you an overview to the selected directory and the subdirectories therein.

In particular, with the document content preview feature of TagSpaces , users can also preview images stored in folders on the device. This image will be displayed in the TagSpaces workbook window , users will not need to use another application to view the image.

TagSpaces 1.8.0 - Tag-based file management utility

If your work involves managing, categorizing, organizing or using a lot of data, TagSpaces is the effective file management solution for you.

Users can use TagSpaces for the following purposes:

Search files and add document tags on multiple platforms:


  • This program supports versions of TagSpaces on many different platforms, you can perform the same operations to organize photos, recipes or invoices on any device.
  • Tagging helps users find and manage projects and jobs easier.
  • The tag is maintained in the filename, so you can use this tag information not only in TagSpaces but also in other programs.


Write quick notes:

  • Users can create and edit notes of various formats such as TXT, MARKDOWN and HTML.
  • You can save and organize web pages into MHT or MHTML formats.
  • TagSpaces supports organizing e-book libraries on the device with the ability to support PDF and EPUB format books.
  • Users can create a personal encyclopedia (Wiki) to keep track of work projects, creative ideas or record their memorable memories.

Browse files:

  • TagSpaces allows you to browse the file system in a modern HTML5 web interface.
  • TagSpaces allows opening many types of files: images, music files, videos, PDF documents, MHTML and source code in many popular programming languages.
  • Allows to preview and edit many types of documents.

TagSpaces 1.8.0 - Tag-based file management utility

Some of the key features of TagSpaces:

Add file tags easily:

This software supports adding tags to the file easily. You can use a simple drag and drop to add tags.

Divide tags into groups :

Users can organize tags into groups by topic. For example, you can put tags related to work in one group, tags related to personal interests in one group ...

Smart tag markup:

TagSpaces uses smart tag management technology. For example, when you add the Today tag to a file, the program will automatically tag that file according to the date displayed in the computer system.

Mark tags by color code:

Users can use different color codes for tags for easy identification. This feature comes in handy when applied to priority tags. For example, you can use red codes for high urgency missions.

Add tags for multiple files at once:

TagSpaces allows adding or deleting multiple tags in multiple files at the same time. Instead of having to edit each file, you can use this feature to increase your productivity.

File management:

TagSpaces supports a lot of basic file management options. Users can rename files, add new files, and move or delete files.

Directory management:

Even in the interface of TagSpaces , you can still create new subfolders in the currently viewed folder.

Search for documents:

You can search documents and files by file name.

File classification:

In list view, TagSpaces allows document filtering by name, by size, by format, and by last edited date.

Easy interface customization:

TagSpaces has a beautiful layout that can be flexibly changed according to the size and aspect ratio of the screen.

Group files by date:

In grid view, you can group documents by last changed time (by day, month, or year).

Group files by tag group:

Users can use this feature to group files according to many different criteria.


  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64.
  • RAM: 1 GB.
  • Hard drive space: 100 MB.
  • Display: 1280 x 800 resolution with 16-bit color support.

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