How to download playlist videos on Youtube to computer

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The way to download Youtube playlists is completely different from the way to download Youtube videos that we have known and done before. With an odd clip, we can use many ways to download videos on Youtube . But with dozens, even hundreds of videos, these are not really effective and very costly to manipulate. So, how to download playlist on Youtube best ?

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In this article, you will be guided in detail 3 ways to download video lists on Youtube to your computer very simple but still ensure maximum efficiency.

Download the entire Playlist Youtube with IDM

Step 1: To download a playlist on YouTube, of course we will need the specific path of the playlist, copy the link in the address bar of this playlist.

Copy link

Step 2: Visit THIS ADDRESS and paste the above link into the Playlist Link box , an interface like the one below will appear. This page will analyze, enter data and display all existing videos on the playlist for us to preview, and display the percentage, the number of videos that can be downloaded.

Paste link

In case your playlist has too many videos, need to wait a while to load them all and at this time, select the video format you want in the Quality section . There are nearly 20 different formats for users to choose to use for different purposes and devices.

Choose format
Video format options

If you scroll down below, you can see the details of available videos, downloadable videos and faulty videos. We can quickly download any video by clicking on the corresponding video format box next to it.

Download video

A Windows window will appear to save it.

Save it

Step 3: After the whole playlist is loaded and you've set your options, copy the entire code in the box below.

Copy the code
Copy the entire code

Step 4 : Open Notepad or Notepad ++ software on your computer.

Open Notepad

Step 5: Paste the code above here and then Save again. You can quickly check by counting links to see if there are enough videos or not (each link corresponds to a video).

Paste into Notepad and then Save back to the computer

Choose a location to save and name the file and Save again.


Step 6: At this time, you will start IDM software on your computer. From the main interface of the support tool, accelerate this download, left-click on the Tasks / Import / From text file to import data from the text file just now.

Open IDM
Launch the IDM download acceleration tool

Step 7 : A small window appears, select the file you saved earlier and Open .


The new interface ( Import links to IDM ) looks like the following, one by one:

  • Click on Check All to tick all the existing videos.
  • Tick All file to one directory , then select the location where these videos will be saved by clicking Browse ...
  • Finally, select OK to begin.

Set up downloading Youtube playlist by IDM

Click OK to download by default.

OK, got it

Step 8 : Now we will be back to the interface of IDM, do you see your videos have appeared here?


Step 9: Click the Queues folder on the left, select Main download queue , the IDM interface will change and only the entire video will remain in our playlist.

Main download

Step 10: Left-click the Start Queue to start downloading the Youtube playlist.

The download process is done

Depending on the number of videos, capacity and speed of the Internet connection, the completion time will vary. But when completed, we will get the following result.

Download finished
The download is complete

Download Youtube playlist using 4K Video Downloader software

4k Video Downloader is a professional software to support users to download a series of videos at the same time. You can download this software for free and install it right on your computer.

Download 4k Video Downloader for free

Step 1 : You proceed to download and install 4k Video Downloader on the computer.

Download software
Download and install the software on your computer

Step 2: Launch the software to find its interface quite simple and extremely easy to use. Almost only a single button to click, serving the maximum goal of downloading multiple videos at once.

Main interface

Step 3: You still copy the path of the playlist to download, then left-click on the blue Paste Link item . A message will appear, asking you to Download Playlist, Download Clip, Cancel . Select Download Playlist to continue.

Paste link
Copy the playlist link and Paste here

Step 4 : An interface is similar to the way 1 appears, but we can see more details about the video (duration, address on Youtube, name, thumbnail). The 4k Video Downloader tool has some of the following features:

  • Download video / Extract Audio : Download video or extract words, extract audio.
  • Format : The two main formats are MP4 and MKV.
  • At the same time users can also choose the video quality in the category below.

After selecting, left-click on the three dots icon in the link below to change the location where the video is saved on your computer. Click Download to start downloading.

Set for video when downloading

Wait until the download is complete, we can do some operations with these videos by clicking on the three-dot icon or removing any video with the cross-hair icon .

Download finished

Download playlist Youtube

The last way, not necessarily we will download all the videos in the YouTube playlist at the same time, but will save a lot of time when "show" available download links of each video and just click.

You access this link , then paste the link of the playlist on Youtube, select Download .

Paste the link

A list showing all videos with the two " Download as video " or " Download as MP3 " options appears. Left click each respective entry of each video to download them to your computer.

Download video
Select the respective download item you need

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So we know all the ways to download videos on Youtube to each specific device. Hope this supplement will be helpful for you.

I wish you successful implementation!

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